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FACES OF 2ND AVE - Ashley Bergeron

Ashely Bergeron is a self-described “artist by passion and businesswoman by choice”. Her studio was located at 208 3rd Avenue North. The studio was both her art gallery and her home. On Christmas morning, Ashley found herself suddenly displaced from both. A native of the south (Baton Rouge and then Georgia), Ashley found her way to Nashville in 2001 to open her photography studio. After three years in the city, Ashley knew she was home. In 2004, her dream of owning a building downtown came true when she purchased the space that would first be her photography studio and, later, her home and art studio.


Ashley’s biggest passion is bringing as much art to public spaces as possible. In fact, one of her favorite memories is seeing the first panel of the 2nd Avenue Art Wall be installed after years of planning the installation. While now destroyed, the Art Wall was installed on the 2nd Avenue side of the AT&T building. Ashley was the force behind bringing beauty to the utilitarian monolith that was the AT&T building. Ashley said of the project, “The positivity and vibrancy it immediately brought to the neighborhood filled me with so much joy!”


Not one to rest on her laurels, Ashley turned tragedy into triumph and moved her gallery to the newly opened Fifth + Broad complex. The new Swipe Right Gallery has expanded her network even further as she works with the creative community. Adding art to the complex through murals and soon, live installations, Ashely is working tirelessly to bring more beauty to the spaces around her.

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